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Badger Hardwood Refinishing is a full-service floor cleaning company serving Sheboygan and the surrounding areas.

The cleaning solution is delivered deep onto the floors by our professional hardwood floor cleaning machines, ensuring a thorough clean.

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Our Professional Services

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but expensive. The price of hardwood floor repair and routine maintenance are nothing compared to needing an entire hardwood floor replaced.

Wax Removal

Waxing hardwood floors can seriously damage your floors, but if you’ve put hardwood floor wax on your hardwood floors, we can remove it for you to make your floors beautiful again.

why Choose Us?

Badger Hardwood Refinishing aim to provide highly competitive rates for an unbeatable service, delivered at your convenience.

  • Professional cleaning of hardwood floors
  • Stain free wax removal
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • State of the art, high pressure machinery
  • Fully trained technicians
  • Fixed, honest pricing
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Full guarantee of all work

Adam Dietzo

What Our Customers Say About Us

We had a high traffic carpet cleaned and it turned out amazing! I would highly recommend them! Great job and very professional.
Sarah Pitzen
Sarah Pitzen
We had a wine spill that was spread all over our white carpet. I called the owner Gary and he was able to come out within a couple days to take care of it! I was amazed by the end result! You can’t even tell there was a spill. Gary and Adam were professional, kind, and quick. I definitely recommend this company!
Rikki Mitchell
Rikki Mitchell
Gary and Adam did some badly needed cleaning on our carpets and tile. Traffic, pet spots and also dirty grout. The result was amazing! Really enjoy having them..they're polite, friendly and get the job done.
Keith Kometer
Keith Kometer
We are extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided by Badger Carpet Care abs highly recommend them to others!
Mike Heimbach
Mike Heimbach
I highly recommend Gary! They cleaned my carpet, tile floors, and laminate floor. He was able to make everything look great, even the carpet where an elderly cat had had more than a few accidents during the final months of her life. Thank you so much!
Great company to have clean your carpets! They are wonderful people as well. Thank you for everything!
Kristin Swan
Kristin Swan
I can't recommend Gary enough. He is professional and timely, and his work is second to none. He has been taking care of our church for the past few years and made our carpets look fantastic.
Jeremy Hylen
Jeremy Hylen
Gary does a fantastic job cleaning carpets and upholstery and has so many techniques to remove stains! Highly recommend him!
Judy Gilchrist
Judy Gilchrist
Does A great job. I have told many friends about the job he does.
Al & Mary Holle
Al & Mary Holle

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Hardwood Floor Maintenance Explained

Hardwood flooring has been one of the most-popular floor coverings for many years. Cared for properly (in other words, proper maintenance cleaning) and these floors can last a very, very long time. In order to ensure their long life, consistent cleaning and periodic professional care are needed.

Wood floors, both solid and engineered, should be maintained in a similar way:

  1. Sweep & Vacuum. A lot. – Here in Wisconsin, people track in all manner of outdoor contaminants, including dirt, gravel, and salt. This stuff acts like sandpaper on your floor, grinding down your finish. Vacuum well and often, preferably using a canister vac with a very soft bristle wand head.
  2. Recoat Your Floors Regularly – Wood floors don’t wear evenly and there is not a brand of finish on the market today that will last for 10 years unless you periodically refresh it. Wear first appears in small areas near exterior doors and heavily-used areas like in front of the refrigerator, sometimes within just a couple years after installation. The ‘driftwood look’ in those small areas cannot be spot-fixed. Once the wear appears, you’re looking at sanding all adjoining rooms. Badger Carpet & Floor Care can recoat your wood floors in 1 day! Check out our What is a Screen & Recoat Anyway page that is dedicated to the preservation of your wood floors.
  3. Ditch the Steam Mop – Never, ever steam clean a wood or laminate floor. Wood can react wildly to extreme changes in temperature and moisture. It can be difficult enough keeping the ambient conditions of your home stable – do not amplify these changes with steam!
  4. Dump the Polishes – Many of the most-purchased floor cleaners on the market today contain polishes, finishes, or urethanes. DO NOT USE THEM! Murphy’s Oil Soap, Rejuvenate, Mop & Glo, Bona Floor Polish, Orange Glo, Weiman Restorer, Quick Shine…the list is seemingly endless. The same goes for wax – never wax a polyurethaned floor. These products add unwanted topicals to your floor which make them look great in the short term, but will cause problems down the road. ONLY USE neutral floor cleaners when performing maintenance cleaning on your floors.
  5. Use Rugs Cautiously – Rugs can grab dirty before it gets brought into a house or business and lessen the wear on heavily-trafficked areas. But they can also create unwanted effects. Sun fading is an issue with floors of all types, and hardwood is no exception. Adding rugs creates uneven fading which can be problematic if you move furniture around. Also, be sure to only use rugs with soft backings. Rubber and course jute backings will cause discoloration and premature wear (scratching) to the wood floor under them.
  6. Furniture Leg Protectors – Place floor protectors under all furniture that moves (especially beds) and replace them regularly. Loosely-woven pads absorb pieces of grit and are much less likely to scratch through dragging than hard or dense protectors.

When Should I Call the Professionals?

No matter how much vacuuming and scrubbing you do, the years of buildup on wood floors are nearly impossible to COMPLETELY remove without professional equipment. It’s not much different than dental care: you can regularly brush, floss, and gargle on your own, but your efforts can never really replicate the cleaning performed by a professional hygienist at the dentist office.

We encourage homeowners and business owners to continue their maintenance regimen, but then periodically have floors professionally cleaned in between Screen & Recoats. Are there kids and dogs in the house? Are people walking around with bare feet or outdoors shoes? Do people visit your business establishment? Then have your wood floors professionally cleaned each and every year and Screened & Recoated every 3-4 years. For all others, every 2-3 years should be sufficient for cleaning and Screened & Recoated every 5-7 years.

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