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Waxing hardwood floors can seriously damage your floors, but if you’ve put hardwood floor wax on your hardwood floors, we can remove it for you to make your floors beautiful again. Wax uglies your hardwood floor, and after a while, it chips and stains them. With our professional methods, we can remove the wax and add a new, fresh finish on top of your hardwood floors. Your hardwood floors will be as good as new with our professional hardwood floor cleaner.

While often marketed as the best way to protect your hardwood floors, wax can cause more harm than good. However, hardwood floor protection is a great, safe, and cost effective way to keep your hardwood floors protected from all sorts of moisture and damage. Protectors should be applied regularly. However, store-bought wax products can cause build-up and leave your floors looking dull and murky. Wax removal can be time-consuming and labor-intensive without professional tools and skill. Sit back and relax, and let the trained professionals at Badger’s handle all of your hardwood wax removal needs!

Here’s how we remove the wax from your hardwood floors:
First, we test the level of wax build-up by surveying an area of the hardwood floors.

Second, we prep the hardwood floors by applying an emulsifier to soften the wax from the hardwood floors.
Third, we use a tool to force the wax build-up off of the surface of the hardwood floors.

Fourth, we take out the wax build-up from the hardwood floors using a cleaner.

Fifth, it varies for what type of hardwood your floor is. If the hardwood floors are engineered, we buff the hardwood floors to restore them to their original texture. If the hardwood floors are solid, we follow with a screen & recoat to restore them to their original conditions.

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